18th March 2014

Alina and me got the booking form signed and finally booked the equipment for shooting.

On the meantime I have done :

  • Cut out the front building in Photoshop, enhancing the picture to make it stronger

18 march 03

  • manually match the corridor pictures on the x and y axis to make them looking straight when scrolling.

18 march 06

  • Found and implemented the new method of doing the scroll page of the corridor on idea of ‘apaul34208’ found on stackoverflow.com . I is method of fading in and out of the fallowing pictures when scrolled. The page scroll works nice smoothly going from one frame to another but it looks like I need plenty of frames because the movement of the people on the screen makes them look  ‘skippy’ from one point to another and then vanishing or appearing again.

18 march 01

18 march 02

  • Created draught of the parallax web page

18 march 05

18 march 04


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