Supervisor meeting MINUTES
PROJECT: Shak Guide
DATE: 6/3/2014
TIME: 10.20-11
PREPARED BY: Alina Mejger
ATTENDEES: Alina Mejger, Henry Kasozi, Slawomir Dyla
Research Design Henry was advised to research some tutorials for clean interfaces and research some more icons (check *coolhomepages; home of web, brief intro to give some modern look to the home page) Also have a look on websites with parallax view & grid while the corridor view will be with scrolling images or video of it.
Henry to produce mock up, proof of concept with some description for example when you click on this icon it opens a video etc.

Henry Henry – show interfaces with our imagery, titles , focus what text will be on it. Home page- 2 concepts, index screen /parallax screen/ video screen. Example of going down the hallway. Example of talking on the video.

Slawek Slawek- example of parallax site for our website, (research more parallax websites to check how to link video with it) also Info proof of concepts.

Kevin Kevin –business cards, stationery + Photoshop reworking 360 panorama view images , Audio(sounds for clicks on the website).

Alina Alina – Audio, video down the hall, show what you’ve done on your presentation,(panorama 360 view do the lighting for the images if needed). Also send emails to Head of Departments, then book dates to bring camera, email to Yvonne to get take still images for Film Studio.

AOB Up to date:
Slawek took the photos of the main entrance of DkIT building on Monday the 3rd and passed it to Henry. Henry worked on the design and on the icons. Also Henry discussed with Emma Hogan his designed icons for the website, he was advised to change some of them and reduce them to minimum. JJ and Emma advised him to remove shopping trolley icon.


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