After our exhibition, I realised that there was less information of how to interact with the application. This was noted as the lecturers tested it out and i took note of what needs to be clear to the user.

Navigating the page was not clear with lecturer Matt and i decided that for this to work we needed a clear description of the above since you can navigate using both the mouse and the keyboard.

with the same style as used on previous information pop ups i designed a how to navigate information button to give clear information to the user


We decided to use the canteen as it has a good history about it and for the fact that its also used by every ember of the college. i drafted an information plate about it as it won’t make sense just using it and not connected to why we are showing about the media department.

Still using the same style as every other information graphic on the website.



The scrolling video we where using during our exhibition is a bit to dark but we had another video that we have opted to use the problem arising with this is that you scrolled through this video with departments such as the media lab facing the left but the new video we have, has the media lab facing the right so i had draw the buttons again to suit the  navigation.



The second pair of buttons had a few changes not only changing the direct of entry but also the font size as we had to adjust since the room changes such as the film studio had to be changed to film production studio therefore, the font size had to change to fit on the graphic.







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