Diary (16-04-14)

before we broke off for the easter weekend, we did have a busy week where we had to get hold of the lecturers for the final interviews so we could be able to edit them during the easter break. on the 9-04-14 and 10-4-14, we did take panoramic shots of the radio , made an interview with Glenn Doyle, JJ Quinlan, Eamon and also Rebecca amy dykes. my role during this whole process was to help Slaweck with the lighting.

we then held a meeting with our supervisor who we showed the recording and images we had taken and we decided to even split the work more to different people so as we can be able to work on schedule. i decided i am going to help with editing alongside Alina as its too much work to be left for one individual and also make more changes with the graphics and general look of the website and to improve the Logo.

today i have started wit the editing and i am working on the student one of Sean


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