DATE: 13/03/2014
TIME: 10-11
PREPARED BY: Alina Mejger
ATTENDEES: Alina, Kevin, Henry, Slawek
Regrets: none

Make a map of the Carroll building, we just need few points on it and working panorama. Slawek
We didn’t record video yet as the camera we borrow didn’t have it so we took still images of the corridor instead , every 2-3 m going backward and forward to make it look going through corridor it will be rework in Photoshop. Alina
There is research needed for examples of museum maps to be done. Slawek
Research about parallax websites. Change to the home page icon, when clicked it will highlight etc. Henry
Work on the logo for our group with nice colour to work together, navigation higher position and then effect when click on the hot spot- go to the location. Kevin
As we want to show Peek DkIT different classes and facilities we have to have slide in PowerPoint explaining what is working. Alina
When showing location consider to show students work and show what’s interesting about that room in each location.
We have to make it look more like graphic, use of parallax to animate it.
Processing video and audio – Matt explained how to work with pictures with audio loops, crop these loops and it still need to be reconsidered. Slawek
Record audio for locations, ambiances and camera role for the interview.
Slawek recorded a sample of interview with Alina in it.
Kevin to work on 360 panorama view , Slawek will give Kevin images to make panorama of it.
Prepare for the presentation:
– clearly roles specified
– go through what your idea is
– how it’s going to work
– show working examples
– say what you’re done individually
– show working panorama
– working example of parallax aspects, examples of interfaces, video examples, audio examples, interview students(in the corridor, Starbucks)
– emails to head of departments – set up dates for interviews
– timetable for interview( make sure of feel of busy office)
– facilities (board to show societies)
– links from CMDkIT-> not more than 6 things to show- students work
– graphic studio- previous work
– technology (film studio, show what comes out of it- the best work of students)
Alina to set up google doc
CONTACT lecturers about the best graphics and videos done by students. group

Record sample of interview of student Alina


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