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14th supervisor meeting 8th May 2014

On the meeting JJ give opinion about interviews done by Henry and Alina. He also discussed design elements with Henry and logo. He advised to keep the bubble icon white and posters will stay flat design as this keep them ‘strong’ visually. If there is a hotspot on the poster it should be the hotspot in the project itself.
Kevin to finish description of the sites, background Music and Research of it. Also to work on sticking and making panoramas.
Slawek to change front pic – entrance photo from side view. Also add some description and text around the building. Small pieces of text floating while scrolling.
Different info for example: staff, 5000 students, original cigarette factory and 4 pictures of the building; small sentences passing.

Focus on who is it for and try to add text and imagery on home page depends on who’s going to watch it (students and their parents).

I was advised to not use as much transition which Henry was using as in the interview I edited was much more cuts due to answering the questions rather than ‘free flow’ of the interviewer. So I have to rework it again.

For next week we need to prepare one working example to show the entrance of the building, corridor, hotspot getting you to the location with 360 panorama view and interview of the person in it.Along with ambience for each location.

Group members to update blogs.
Kevin to contact and research background music.


13th supervisor meeting 1 May 2014

We watched the viral video we shot the day before and Henry edited it. We were advised that while showing interview of Sarah we might put on screen some examples of students work.

We need to change front picture of the entrance and take one from the angle to make it look interesting.

Slawek show the corridor video parallax scrolling and was adviced to put something at the last frame when it goes to toilet door.

Henry, Alina and Slawek have to sort out issues with interviews and check if it can be saved as xml file of the old version Final Cut which Alina was using in college and then open it by Henry in Final Cut Pro. If not it need to be edited in Final Cut Pro from scratch as we want to keep them all consistent.

Each member have to write on group blog anything new you learned, any problems you encounter and work you have done.

Henry was advised by JJ to rework the logo as the one he previously designed looks better than the last one. Keep it nice and simple and in one colour. Also check hierarchy in poster design.
Use logo everywhere in website: corridor, panoramas, interviews etc. Keep it transparent but memorable.

Kevin to work on course description and email to the Music student which JJ provide us with email to.

Designed posters by Henry print in A3 and arrow stickers with our logo in it by Kevin’s friend.

Finalise front page, logo and video. In interview use the colours we’re going to use in posters (orange, yellow) to keep it consistent.

Kevin to google audio and work on it.

Blogs have to be finished by 23rd May about what you personally learned and as a professional.
Fill in peer evaluation form.

Individual evaluation, it will be about 2-3 pages personal writing how you progressed yourself hard skills, professional skills.

To be done:
Kevin to work on ‘sticking panoramas’ together and Audio.Description of the rooms, locations for the panoramas etc.
Henry to redesign logo, poster, interviews to be work on as well.
Alina work on interviews.
Slawek work on Adobe Edge, panoramas to join it together.

12th supervisor meeting 10 April 2014

While editing Sarah interview we will need to consider to crop Sarah in a shot and use the rule of thirds to make it look good.

The front building pictures will be done as a pan (wide pic) and while moving it while scrolling with parallax, you’ll be able to pan down to show internal picture of it.
List of the rooms we’re making panorama for:
– dark room,
– audio lab,
– 3D room,
– Editing classroom,
– Editing suit,
– Radio suit,
– Starbucks,
– Screening room.

Slawek needs to keep working on panoramas and Adobe Edge Animate.

Alina needs to keep working on editing interviews and timetable.

Kevin was asked to contact the music student for the background music and to prepare info about course description – about the software in each room.

Henry editing interviews, final look of the page (pano, interview, what text goes into the screen, logo).

11th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 04/04/2014

When having interview we want the logo of CM on the screen.
When the project will be connected we want the audio to be the same level.
Henry updated mock ups of the website look and rollover buttons.
JJ advised to recheck alignment of it.
Main picture on the home page should be taken from side instead of the front of it as it will look more interesting.
Look of the main page will be picture of the main building with parallax scrolling with piece of text while rolling through the website.
Slawek showed to JJ panoramas of Starbucks and winter garden in process. Starbucks panorama is very complicated and taking a lot time to work on it as it have lots of lines and details in it.
We all have to upload blog regularly.
Alina started to edit Ciara interview and Pauric interview with fade in, fade out. She encountered some problems with rendering and green screen and need to do some more research how to fix it.
Henry need to carry on the web mock up with the 3 to 4 info on the main page.
Slawek have to download and research tutorial how to work in Adobe Edge Animate. Adding panning, zoom in, zoom out and pop up window to parallax.
Kevin showed some midi sounds produced and is down to work on it and tide it up.
We’re planning to do interview with Fiachra, Glenn, Eamonn,JJ and Matt.
We need to work on exhibition plan. We want to use at least one Macbook, iPad, iPhone and HD TV to show video in loop on it advertising our website. We need to have poster designed for the day of exhibition A1, logo on the centre of the booth and laptop placed in there to test the website.

Henry – mock up
Kevin – midi, audio
Alina – editing, bg music
Slawek – adobe edge animate

Group meeting 31/3/2014

We will ask for some best projects to be shown on the website by Eamonn, Glenn and JJ.
We will show few different items in the room, might be hovering over some items and showing short description of it or showing hotspots and clicking on it to get info.
Alina will ask Sean and Ashley to wear the same clothes for the next Wednesday to keep continuity while taking panorama and clicking on them to see interview.
Alina and Henry will research some background music and ask music students for sample music for our website if needed. It would be good if the music was modern and electronic.
Slawek will send to Henry logo of CM as he have it in few colours from some past project.

10th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 27/03/2014

When doing the interview we should edit the questions or leave them out. We made cut it and fade it out while editing it.

We need to ask Sean, Ashley for wearing the same clothes next Wednesday to keep it continuity when making panorama of the editing suit.

We need to make some research when editing how to make it blurred ad getting back to the next screen nicely.

While making a corridor video we need to have some person walking on it. Next while clicking on him/her the interview will open.

We will have some person interviewed in Starbucks. We need to do this in busy time of the day when there is lots of students around, around 12 o’clock. ‘This is the dark room, the general aspect of it is… etc’

Person stay still while taking panorama in class working on computers. When panning around the user will be able to click on some equipment in the room. For example in the darkroom you will be able to click on the bottle of liquid and it will say that this will help you to develop the pictures etc. We will pick few items in few different locations.

In every room we will visit we will show some 5 best projects of the subjects in it.

video of corridor need to be the straight line and we have to lock the wheel in the dolly to make it able to make it straight. We may bring a level up a bit and use warm filter while editing to make it look natural (Slawek).

We need to ask music students for the background music if anyone can produce something really discrete and ‘soft’ that we can use in our project. Music in the background while clicking on the interview hotspots will fade out and then interview will play.

Research some background music.

Design it for computer and Mac primarily then for the ipad, tablet and maybe mobile.

Henry to make to use Creative Media logo on the main page.He will research 2-3 good websites and basically make a web looking good and make it similar to the good ones. He will make a Mock up for the websites: when entering into 3D room it will show the info that ‘this is the 3D room , normally…’ this is what it look…’ ‘this is what we’ll be looking at’ etc.

Slawek to work in Adobe. To find the logo of Creative Media and give it to Henry. Photography and panorama to be produced.  360 panorama of Editing Suit with Sean and Ashley dressed the same as last Wednesday to keep continuity.

Kevin to record ambience. Editing of interview to check how it will work. (if any troubles there’re good tutorials online to check)

Alina do some research, ambience and meetings. Info of the rooms- what is it for? What is the editing suit for? dark room, what is it for, explain developing photography etc. Editing of interview to check how it will work. (if any troubles there’re good tutorials online to check). Timetable of the new things to be done.









9th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 20/03/2014

Feedback after the WIP presentations:
Presentation in PowerPoint had too much text on the slides, keep it in key points next time.

Do not use flat panorama image in the presentation as people cannot imagine it.

The use of parallax was good.

Henry need to research content of resources – be clever about the layout of the content.

Kevin will rework notice board idea with students societies.

Henry will rework logo Peek DkIT, as this shouldn’t be centred.

We need to interview 3 to 5 lecturers and 10 students.

We need to prepare questions to add. Think about creative media forms in it.

Photos has to be reworked in Photoshop to look clean and crisp.

Video of the corridor to be done (Slawek will extract every 4th frame with audio). It would be interesting to include people walking in there, blurring off.

While making panorama of locations include tutor talking in room and clean look of the room as we want to give the message that this is the exciting place.

Henry to look at graphics- find proffesional websites and copy the look of it.

Common area or coffee shop – do not show the logo of Starbucks or just block it off.

Alina will prepare questions for students.

Slawek will produce photography.

Group will do interview of students next Wednesday.

We need to produce 3-4 really good panoramas- show lectures,people who can say, and at least 3 students we can talk to.

Prepare paper mock up what you need for the day.

Group meeting 18/03/14

Alina set up a Google doc Peek DkIT document . She typed main sections to be worked on and divided work by members to be updated.  As we’re having the WIP presentation preparation for tomorrow we need to work on the project and fill in the Google doc presentation on our project.  Slawek continue to  work out parallax for the website, Image of college board which Slawek took is passed to Kevin to be able work the societies board slide for the presentation. Henry continues to work on design to finish icons, hotspots and overall design of the website. Kevin have to work on  panorama from Slawek images taken in the college. Kevin is also working on midi sounds for site and logo. Also Slawek will give some green screen of sample of interview to Henry.

Reminder about the blog updates!

Group meeting 14/03/2014

Alina so far recorded ambience for Starbucks, Dark room, Mac Lab, corridor and classroom.  She also took series of images for the corridor and is planning to do the present sample interview. She is also preparing minutes and agendas for each meeting.

Kevin have to work on images in Photoshop with panorama images and also design business cards, poster, logo and produce midi sounds.

Slawek is working on the website program code to make it fluid and make parallax working. He continues to work  on fluid grid and taking photography needed for the project.

Henry is working on the design of the website, icons and more. He also researching parallax websites.

For the ambience sounds we might use stereo mic to give a depth.

Matt adviced us that there is opportunity to attach sound to different items in the locations.

We are planning to book equipment for interview for next week.

8th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 13/03/2014

We didn’t record video yet as the camera we borrow didn’t have it so we took  still images of the corridor instead , every 2-3 m going backward and forward to make it look going through corridor it will be rework in Photoshop.

Slawek is down to make a map of the Carroll building, we just need few points on it
panorama working.

There is research needed for examples of museum maps to be done.

Henry  need to research about parallax websites.
Kevin need to work on the logo for our group with nice colour to work together, navigation higher position and  then effect when click on the hot spot- go to the location.

As we want to show Peek DkIT different classes and facilities we have to have slide in PowerPoint explaining what is working.

More about parallax to be researched.

When showing location consider to show students work and show what’s interesting about that room in each location.
We have to make it look more like graphic, use of parallax to animate it.
Change to the home page icon, when clicked it will highlight etc.

Slawek talked about processing with Matt with selecting pictures with audio loops, crop these loops and it still need to be reconsidered.

Alina to record audio for locations, ambiances and camera role for the interview.
Slawek recorded a sample of interview with Alina in it.

Kevin to work on  360 panorama view , Slawek will give Kevin images to make panorama of it.

Prepare for the presentation:
– clearly roles specified
– go through what your idea is
– how it’s going to work
– show working examples
– say what you’re done individually
– show working panorama
– working example of parallax aspects, examples of interfaces, video examples, audio examples, interview students(in the corridor, Starbucks)
– emails to head of departments – set up dates for intrviews
– timetable for interview( make sure of feel of busy  office)
– facilities (board  to show societies)
– links from CMDkIT-> not more than 6 things to show- students work
– graphic studio- previous work
– technology (film studio, show what comes out of it- the best work of students)

CONTACT lecturers about the best graphics and videos done by students.

Alina recorded sample of interview of student

Matt advices us about opportunity in attaching a sound to different items on the panorama view and that stereo mic for ambiences sound will give more depth to it and would work better.