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Initial draft of storyboard


first draftstoryboard 001




Today we’ve  worked on details a of Audio script, me and Kevin discussed sounds for the project. We’ve listed needed sounds for the project. We’ve talked to Matt about it and he advised us to use shotgun for interviews, stereo mic Rode NT4 for ambience and locations along within a Zoom recorder. He also advised us to make sure we can’t feel stages in our audio while interacting with website so we need to work on levels

We wrote a list of sounds needed for panoramas, interviews and websites and have to organize to be produced.

Slawek and Henry discussed navigation and worked on site map together.

More research

  •  that’s interesting link:

“Discover the diversity of nature in Dublin, how it is researched, managed and enjoyed by Dubliners and visitors alike.”

You can click on the map and there’s an option to listen the audio for it but the screen goes black and you can see the mp3 player on it and hear the screen.

  • some Ireland audio tours:

  • some audio guides: