The booth is fully set up and the lecturers are going round as we test them. We did well as we did not have many issues however we realised that a few things had to change for example it was not clear to Matt whether we had scroll down pages as it was not very clear and we had to tell him, he didn’t also know about the fact that you can use the mouse or u can use the keyboard buttons. this we where noting down knowing that this user testing experience is good for a few changes we needed.

Another small thing that we noted was that the dark room with i had designed to switch the red-light on in the dark room was not very clear of what its purpose was and this something we wanted the user to experience.

I was not happy with the way it seamed like there was one person who was doing the whole project as some of the work that was supposed to be done was not finished and it felt like we where doing nothing especially the fact that my graphics where not looked at as much work and that the brain storming i went through with my supervisor feels like i did not do much and for the simple reason that i wanted my part of the project to be finished by the exhibition day so some people who did not do their work made the supervisors feel like they had much to do but in other words they just didn’t do there work on time


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