Monthly Archives: May 2014

14th supervisor meeting 8th May 2014

On the meeting JJ give opinion about interviews done by Henry and Alina. He also discussed design elements with Henry and logo. He advised to keep the bubble icon white and posters will stay flat design as this keep them ‘strong’ visually. If there is a hotspot on the poster it should be the hotspot in the project itself.
Kevin to finish description of the sites, background Music and Research of it. Also to work on sticking and making panoramas.
Slawek to change front pic – entrance photo from side view. Also add some description and text around the building. Small pieces of text floating while scrolling.
Different info for example: staff, 5000 students, original cigarette factory and 4 pictures of the building; small sentences passing.

Focus on who is it for and try to add text and imagery on home page depends on who’s going to watch it (students and their parents).

I was advised to not use as much transition which Henry was using as in the interview I edited was much more cuts due to answering the questions rather than ‘free flow’ of the interviewer. So I have to rework it again.

For next week we need to prepare one working example to show the entrance of the building, corridor, hotspot getting you to the location with 360 panorama view and interview of the person in it.Along with ambience for each location.

Group members to update blogs.
Kevin to contact and research background music.

13th supervisor meeting 1 May 2014

We watched the viral video we shot the day before and Henry edited it. We were advised that while showing interview of Sarah we might put on screen some examples of students work.

We need to change front picture of the entrance and take one from the angle to make it look interesting.

Slawek show the corridor video parallax scrolling and was adviced to put something at the last frame when it goes to toilet door.

Henry, Alina and Slawek have to sort out issues with interviews and check if it can be saved as xml file of the old version Final Cut which Alina was using in college and then open it by Henry in Final Cut Pro. If not it need to be edited in Final Cut Pro from scratch as we want to keep them all consistent.

Each member have to write on group blog anything new you learned, any problems you encounter and work you have done.

Henry was advised by JJ to rework the logo as the one he previously designed looks better than the last one. Keep it nice and simple and in one colour. Also check hierarchy in poster design.
Use logo everywhere in website: corridor, panoramas, interviews etc. Keep it transparent but memorable.

Kevin to work on course description and email to the Music student which JJ provide us with email to.

Designed posters by Henry print in A3 and arrow stickers with our logo in it by Kevin’s friend.

Finalise front page, logo and video. In interview use the colours we’re going to use in posters (orange, yellow) to keep it consistent.

Kevin to google audio and work on it.

Blogs have to be finished by 23rd May about what you personally learned and as a professional.
Fill in peer evaluation form.

Individual evaluation, it will be about 2-3 pages personal writing how you progressed yourself hard skills, professional skills.

To be done:
Kevin to work on ‘sticking panoramas’ together and Audio.Description of the rooms, locations for the panoramas etc.
Henry to redesign logo, poster, interviews to be work on as well.
Alina work on interviews.
Slawek work on Adobe Edge, panoramas to join it together.