21st Feb 2014

Our team were considering use of  scroll able video while moving along the corridor in the panorama view I have started work on the web page being able to do so. Very helpful is an on-line  article at creativeblog.com titled Create an interactive street view with jQuery. I have recorded short video in the college while walking down some of the corridors. To make it able work on the HTML5 web page I have to decode it and save it in suitable mp4 format.

06 feb 00

I have try to implement the code but it seems to not work properly. The content of the video shows on the screen as a single picture but it is not possible to scroll it at the stage. The created hot points are appearing below the video frame instead as top layer above it.


I am trying to solve the problem by research and implementation of  jQuerry. I try to learn it from the website and another w3schools.


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