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Group Meeting

18 October 2013

Interactive game map for chosen countries in Europe, city (capital) and countryside of each country.

Using Google street view still images, if the user click on Dublin he will experience ambience from Dublin, pubs, people walking and more. We will add audio to existing visuals and let the user experience how it is in each place ‘clicked’.

Our target audience will be people having access to computer and internet aged 16+, travelling agencies and people planning trips. We thought it might be good idea to use it as educational for school using interactive maps with audio but we need to specify what we really decide on that matter.

We want to let the user experience the place with joy and fun and introduce each country as best as we can. We want to welcome the user on each site using local accents (or local languages) also we will introduce some humorous facts about each place visited.

We are deciding on the roles for each member at this stage.

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