Audio script updated 14/02/2014

Audio script (updated)

There will be sounds produced for each of the icons and buttons on the pages of the website.

Once the button or icon will be clicked it will make a sound.

It will be desecrate sounds to not disturb and to not take attention of the main website features.

Short midi sounds for the website items (buttons, icons) listed below will be included :

– mouse click

– zoom in

– zoom out

– arrows up, down, left, right

– audio on, off

– map with clickable hot spots, map show, map hide

– moving the mouse

– scrolling

We will record some simple sounds using Zoom recorder.

There will be separate Audio produced for the ambience of the locations, where the video will be produced for the purpose of the project.

We will record each of the location separately using Zoom recorder and microphone Rode NT4.

We will ask few questions each of the person interviewed and record answer then edit it.

We will record these sounds using Zoom recorder and shotgun borrowed from DkIT.


1. What would you say to students interested in the college facilities?

2. What would you say about the technology in college?

3. What would be the most interesting aspects of the course?

4. What would you say to student asking for the advice what course to choose between film and creative media?Differences and similarities?

5. What are the career possibilities?

We will record ambience for the images produced to give feel of the locations:

– Dark room

– 3D room

– Starbucks

– Recording studio

– Film studio

We will need the sound for transition from one location to another.

We want to make sure we can’t feel stages in sounds when going from one page to another so we need to use decorate sounds and adjust the volume of each of them.

There will be clickable hot spots on the map of the 360 images view.

Research of which sounds will

(Langstrasse website- example of using ambience sound with 360 panorama view images

Target audience students, parents, mature students – we want to give real look and feel of the locations that’s why we want to produce as natural sound as possible. Audio gives the user the real feel that he is actually visiting in the place. 


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