Diary 31/03/14

Last week we got a lot of work done and I’m extremely happy. On Wednesday we spent the whole day shooting interviews around the college of Creative Media students. We chose to interview each student in different locations. The audio labs booth, editing suite, dark room and screening room was the locations we recorded in. The audio of the interviews came back very clean and I’m happy at how it finished. I used the shotgun mic and zoom recorder and its second nature to me now at this stage of using them in college.
The interview with Sarah was a lot more formal than with the students and looking at the footage it came back very sharp and looks excellent. In some cases the lighting was a touch too bright but that can be easily edited and fixed.
The meeting with JJ we showed what we had produced and JJ was quite happy. We got assigned more roles and mine this week is to edit one of the interviews, record more ambiances using the NT4 mic and working on audio for navigation.
The audio workshop on Friday we took the NT4 mic out for a test. Myself and Alina recorded the corridors, common area and winter garden. The mic is excellent and the sound quality is amazing. I will be set for recording the ambiance’s now without a problem.
Next week we will be recording a few more interviews with students and shooting panoramic shots of a couple of the rooms so we need to make sure they will be clean and presentable. I will work on recording ambiances of these rooms when they are been shot. Until next week I will be busy this week. But busy is good progress.


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