About Project 23/2/2014



The main ambition of this project is to show future students of DKIT college the facilities and courses it has to offer. The project itself will be an interactive virtual tour of DKIT Carrolls Building. The sections we will show include Creative Media, Music, Computing & mathematics and Video & Film. Using the panoramic 360º photography we will show a Google Street View style tour of the building  and its points of interests. These points of interests include the rooms which the present students use daily. We will choose the rooms with the best technology to show off what the Carrolls Building has to offer their future creative students.

These classes will include the filming studio and booths, dark room, radio room, mac labs, 3d lab, editing labs for both audio and video, recording studios, cinema, staff offices, common areas and corridors.

From these classes we display information of each module using hotspots to pop up the information and interactive areas where students on the tour can view Photoshop, Pro Tools, Dreamweaver, Flash Etc. The tour can be navigated down through the corridors using hotspots and can view the college using the panoramic shots. This will be backed up with audio to give the impression to the person that they are physically walking around the college. We will include video interviews with the course coordinators and students for extra content of interactivity. The tour will be coordinated through the main corridor of our choice as it has the main classrooms and key points of interests that can easily be shown. The corridor has three main junctions where other corridors meet and from here the hotspots can be branched off to show the other various points of interests. This corridor has every room accessible so from here the user can go inside the room and view it in 360º view glory. We want our Tour to be attractive and stand out over other virtual tours are really advertise that our college is a great place to study and be a part of. As a project our group is very excited on getting started.


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