I have choose role of programmer as I do like programming and, I am still learn how to do it. The nicest ting about it is when the final piece gets the shape and the program starts responding on the way I want.

I have started my role from research. I have carried on few on them as our project is evolving all the time and the technical and software related aspect are changing.

On the first place I did think about Flash as universal tool to use within the project, and use of ADOBE SUIT PACKAGE: FLASH, ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP, FLASH CATALYST.

Adobe Flash Platform

Later tonight Adobe Flash 11 and AIR 3 will hit the tubes delivering with it a host of new features, including hardware acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics — at least for desktops. Stage 3D support will be added to the mobile variants for Android, iOS and BlackBerry at a later date. AIR 3 will also be sprucing up connected entertainment devices, like Samsung SmartTVs, with the ability to deliver Flash-based games and content to your home theater system. What’s more, Adobe has baked in support for both Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. That means both 5.1 and 7.1 sound can be built into an AIR app, whether it be a game or streaming video, and pumped out at up to 512Kbps though your Blu-ray player or other connected theater component. For more, including a demo of a Flash app on a phone and a TV communicating, check out the trio of press releases and video after the break.


Surround sound test.

3D graphics support sample.



All the futures supported by Adobe Flash looked great but after research and little debate with other members the plan was changing the curse.

The following are some of the common disadvantages of using Flash:

  • For browsers to function properly, plug-ins are required. But, unless, Flash uses guidelines is consistently implemented, Flash will restrict user experience – plug-ins or no plug-ins.
  • The browser back button is de-activated by default on flash heavy websites. This causes problems because even if the back button is not disabled, pressing it or clicking on it will take the user to the previous page and not the previous visible state.
  • Web navigation becomes slightly difficult as web links in Flash websites do not change colours unlike standard non-Flash websites, where would know the links visited based on link colour. Or even worse is the developer can create a non-standard way of displaying links, requiring the user to learn each site’s user experience.
  • Accessibility is also the other thing that is restricted by the use of Flash, as those who need to view larger text, will have a hard time browsing a website.
  • Because texts and links are embedded in Flash websites and applications, search engines will not read it, decreasing the website’s rankings in search engines. There has been some improvements in the SEO area of Flash, but the issues are still present.
  • Additionally, Flash also restricts a website’s access from many mobile devices, mainly iPhone.


flashAdobe Flash
Flash is a multimedia platform and a RIA tool used for adding vivid animation and interactivity to ads, games and various types of web pages. For the time being it can be said that Flash is the most popular platform for developing Rich Internet Applications, providing a large suite of tools that are both powerful and easy to use.

Adobe Flash pros

* Adobe Flash is a mature technology

Adobe Flash has been the most popular choice for online multimedia content for quite a few years now, and it has been used in numerous applications. Also, thanks to the fact that Flash is distributed by a major software company, Adobe, a large amount of effort has been invested in making it a stable and feature-rich platform.

* Provides expressive graphical experience

Flash uses powerful algorithms for rendering graphical content, which makes the scenes rendered with Flash look smoothly. Also it provides various built-in visual effects which allow developers and graphical artists to create expressive graphical experience for their users.

* Good performance

Adobe Flash is optimized on most Windows platforms to deliver good performance even on less powerful computers. As a consequence, even big applications run quite fast on most Windows platforms.

* Good pixel-level control

Flash has the ability to specify measurements in sub-pixel increments. This can result in a crisper and generally more pleasant appearance of Flash applications.

* Suitable for developing visual effects, 3D graphics, etc.

Adobe Flash provides developers with a series of useful tools for creating and manipulating graphical content. Also, it natively supports animations and various transformations and effects, so it is a suitable choice for developing complex graphical applications.

Adobe Flash cons

* Requires a “player” application to be installed on the client machine

The main disadvantage of Flash is that in order to play a SWF file, the customer needs to have Adobe Flash Player installed on his device. This triggers a series of limitations, such as: the device and OS used by the customer need to be compatible with Flash, and the Flash version installed on the customer’s device needs to be the same as the one used for development.

* On some platforms it runs very slowly

On certain platforms (for example Mac OS X and Linux), Flash runs very slowly, due to the fact that it doesn’t have access to GPU processing (Graphics processing unit). This means that the graphics processing is performed on the central processing unit (the CPU) which heavily slows down the application.

* It is not supported by iOS

This means that a Flash file can’t be run on an iOS device (smartphones and tablets).


Our team had a conversation with Matt and after explaining him what we want to achieve in our project he suggested to use Unity software wide tool for game developing. When the group shared the idea with our tutors they did point disadvantages of use of new software. We never worked at it before, and it would take a lot of time to learn of new software. Creation of 3D view of some area of city like Dublin is time consuming and it would be competitive with big companies like Google, as they are running already Google Maps based on similar idea.

We decided not to use flash, and our  idea considered making an App I did carry on another research and I did find out that we have to pay for licence.



I did find out that there is University Program free of charges :)

IOS University

But unfortunately there is some criteria to fit and it can take time to get it (if the college would like to participate).

 IOS University legal

Apart of that I did find out that testing of the App is possible on virtual iOS device and is not the best way to do it. So I did continue the research.

I found that some interesting data.




The team decided to go for Android App as is growing market of mobile devices, free Developing Kit SDK.



The main ting for the developers is free Developer console on Google Play. Testing of new App is done on any Android based device not in virtual one.


As we wanted to use android we decided that the best Software to use is Processing free programming language and engine.

Processing 2 is compatible with:




Java script

It is compatible with all platforms Windows, iOS, Linux.

Contains a few sound libraries.


Our consideration includes also creation of Web app which can be programmed by JQuerry compatible with Java as well. Java is widely used by all browsers across all platforms. Below slide shows use of JQuery based web loading still images using less bandwidth and giving similar impression as watching video.


On the market there is some software we may use to create 360 view and achieve desired high quality effect using only few still images.

Pano2vr Software:


HTML5 and JavaScript


With layers and hyper links



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