Diary 07/04/14

Last week we were quite busy again getting interviews done. I had to record the audio once again and it came through nice and clean. I also went around with the NT4 stereo mic and recorded the ambiances of the locations where we shot panoramic shots for the 360 degree views. These locations included the editing suite, star-bucks and the corridors but we are shooting the corridor again this week as we hope to capture it at a busier time.
In the design workshop both myself and Henry were sketching ideas for the information tabs and clickable items for the website. We came up with a few ideas and Henry went on to create them. In the end on of our mockups was good and we are going to adapt the design from there.
In the audio workshop I created several sound effects for the interface. They are all tests and awaited approval before they can be used properly. I done this once again by using MIDI in Pro-Tools and playing around until I found something I like. Then adapt this by creating several similar versions but are all quite different. The Hotspot jump sound effect sounded quite cool by playing around with AmbianceFx and heavy wind, waves and storms making the best results. I had all these sounds ready for the supervisor meeting and Matt was happy with what I had created and gave me a few ideas for the other sounds I will create.
At the supervisor meeting I showcased the sounds I created and they went down successful. I now know what kind of sound-effects I will make from here on in. These will be type drum type sound effects for interactions. The job I had to do for editing one of the interviews was quite tricky as I couldn’t get the scratch folder to work correctly and I was unable to finish this. As a result I will do it this week when the file is set up for me with the help of Henry. The design aspects that myself and Henry worked on were liked and we now have a better idea how to design the rest from here on. The interviews we all shot came out brilliant and look really sharp.
This weeks tasks for myself is to keep working on the MIDI sound effects. Record audio for the last interviews. Record ambiances for the 360 degree rooms, edit the interview and help Henry with the design ideas. This project is coming together nicely and I’m really excited how will look when we are finished.


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