DATE: 20/03/2014
TIME: 10- 11
PREPARED BY: Alina Mejger
ATTENDEES: Alina, Kevin, Henry, Slawek

Feedback after the WIP presentations:
Presentation in PowerPoint had too much text on the slides, keep it in key points next time. Do not use flat panorama image in the presentation as people cannot imagine it. The use of parallax was good. To be revised by group
Henry need to research content of resources – be clever about the layout of the content. Henry will rework logo Peek DkIT, as this shouldn’t be centred. Henry
Kevin will rework notice board idea with students societies. Kevin
Think about use of creative media forms on the website. group
Photos has to be reworked in Photoshop to look clean and crisp.
Video of the corridor to be done (Slawek will extract every 4th frame with audio). It would be interesting to include people walking in there, blurring off. Slawek
While making panorama of locations include tutor talking in room and clean look of the room as we want to give the message that this is the exciting place. group
Henry to look at graphics- find professional websites and copy the look of it. Henry
Common area or coffee shop – do not show the logo of Starbucks or just block it off. group
Slawek will produce photography. Slawek
We need to produce 3-4 really good panoramas- show lectures,people who can say, and at least 3 students we can talk to. group
Prepare paper mock up what you need for the day. group
We need to interview 3 to 5 lecturers and 10 students.
group 26/03/2014
We need to prepare questions to ask students. Alina 26/03/2014
Group will do interview of students next Wednesday.
group 26/03/2014


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