4th Feb 2014

I have done research on the Internet about some improvements and new good ideas for the panorama to make it stunning with great futures. I found some great ting which I have proposed on group meeting.  I thought in would be nice to use 360 degrees video in the project for the planned interview.

The website is live now at http://dkit.project.madsstudio.net/ every member of the group is supplied in login and password and can test it across different platforms, devices and browsers.

I have done research on the structure of our website and I have found some helpful information on the DKIT website.

The structure of the website will be divided similar way to the structure I found.

School of Informatics and Creative Arts:

Department Music & Creative Media

At the Department of Music and Creative Media there is a strong emphasis on music performance, technology education and multimedia production and the use of computing technology to integrate the wide range of communication media. Students will also be encouraged to develop the theoretical skills necessary to analyse critically the music, media and the information society, both in terms of its technological manifestation and its social impact.

Section of Creative Media

Creative Media at DkIT is a cultivator of creativity and thought, where lecturers and students actively engage with new technologies. Operating on the principle of mutual support and respect, we challenge convention, foster collaboration, and educate the next generation.

Section of Music

In 2010 the Section of Music moved into the newly refurbished Carroll Building on the DkIT Campus. This €38 million state-of-the-art music and multimedia creative centre includes dedicated facilities for students in the section. Students in the section now avail of new, purpose-built performance spaces and practice rooms and fully equipped labs and recording studios. The building also houses a recital room, dance movement room, radio studio, a TV studio, a screening room, an Avid teaching lab and numerous editing and animation suites.

Also in the building, students have access to new Mac Pro and iMac labs with a wide range of professional multimedia, audio and editing software. Students have convenient access within the building to all cameras, scanners, and portable recording equipment they require and a range of musical instruments including harpsichord, concert harp, traditional harp, violins and classical guitars.

Department Computing and Mathematics

The Department of Computing and Mathematics offers courses in all traditional aspects of computing with themes ranging from software development to networking, as well as information technology support and management. We also offer courses in gaming technology and other aspects of interactive media, as well as supporting many courses throughout the Institute. Our courses attract a diverse set of people and are offered at various levels with entry points to suit all students.

Our group plans to cover five rooms by the 360 panorama:

  • 3D lab (1119) or any Mac lab.
  • Dark Room.
  • Film Studio and Control Room.
  • Radio Room? or Graphic Design studio?
  • Starbucks.

In the plans there is picture and a paragraph about any other room in the building and when time left we will cover it by 360 panorama.

There will be societies posters on notice board and short description with link to each of them.

I have sent an email to a few companies selling the 360 lenses:

I am writing to you on behalf of a group of four students of Creative Multimedia course in Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland. We are working on our Major Project promoting the college. We would like to achieve high quality panorama video which will promote the college facilities and technology.
Unfortunately, we have limited funds to purchase essential gear and software helping us to make the project outstanding and unique. We would like to achieve as best quality as possible to make it professional and useful for the users around the world interested in studying in Dundalk Institute of Technology. After broad research done by the group members we discover and are absolutely amaze by your great quality products from PANO PRO. 
I would like to kindly ask you for donation your piece of PANO PRO MK II LENS plus lens which would suit perfect for the purpose of the project.  In favor of that there is possibility of advertisement on the DkIT server once the project is completed and at high standard. I can promise that the use of high quality products will be presented and free advertised of your company and superior products.

With your kind help we can accomplish our aims with great quality of pictures and video which will ensure high standard of the product and success for our creative group. 

If there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely, 
Slawomir Dyla

So far I have got one answer

Dear Slawomir,

Many thanks for your interest in our products. Currently all out demo 
models of the Pano Pro MKII are out in retail establishments otherwise 
we would gladly loan you a unit for research purposes within your 
university establishment.

We have had quite a number of educational establishments who use this 
equipment for the purposes you state. We also offer an educational 
discount of 10% on all equipment purchased for use within their 

However as a solution to your problem, we can suggest that you hire a unit from 

This will cost £28 for a three day hire with all the accessories you will need for using with a DSLR camera.

The lens hire from www.lensesforhire.co.uk is an agreement between yourselves and the company and Pano Pro Ltd have no responsibility pertaining to this.

Many regards


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