About Project 18/10/2013

We will make an interactive web app of DkIT which will guide students and future students that are visiting the college showing facilities and technologies in chosen places of Carrols building in DkIt college.

We want to make an Interview with each of head departments.

We adapted the ‘Street view’ example (from Google map) to produce idea of  ‘corridor view’ in DkIT college and then by appearing click-able speech bubble we will allow the user to click and see 360 view of chosen location. The images and audio will be produced by group.

We will develop our project within time.

Our Target Audience:
•General students guide for DkIT,
•Future students who wants to visit DkIT and may wish to study in here (eg Erasmus students)
  • View from above on the map of Carroll’s Building
  • Editing studio
  • Photography – dark room
  • Film studio
  • Lab class
  • Winter garden
  • Technology in college

We want to make an interactive web app which will take the user on an online trip through DkIT. It will encourage future students to visit the college and it will be also a guide map for general students. We want to introduce to them facilities and technology in DkIT.


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