DATE: 8th May 2014
TIME: 10-11
PREPARED BY: Alina Mejger
ATTENDEES: Alina, Kevin, Henry, Slawek

On the meeting JJ give opinion about interviews done by Henry and Alina. He also discussed design elements with Henry and logo. He advised to keep the bubble icon white and posters will stay flat design as this keep them ‘strong’ visually. If there is a hotspot on the poster it should be the hotspot in the project itself.
Kevin to finish description of the sites, background Music and Research of it. Also to work on sticking and making panoramas.
Slawek to change front pic – entrance photo from side view. Also add some description and text around the building. Small pieces of text floating while scrolling.
Different info for example: staff, 5000 students, original cigarette factory and 4 pictures of the building; small sentences passing.
Feedback JJ
Focus on who is it for and try to add text and imagery on home page depends on who’s going to watch it (students and their parents)

Alina was advised to not use as much transition which Henry was using as in the interview I edited was much more cuts due to answering the questions rather than ‘free flow’ of the interviewer. So I have to rework it again.

For next week we need to prepare one working example to show the entrance of the building, corridor, hotspot getting you to the location with 360 panorama view and interview of the person in it.Along with ambience for each location.
group asap
Group members to update blogs.
 group asap
Kevin to contact and research background music Kevin asap


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