26th March 2014

Our team had recorded interview of head of the CM Department  Sarah McCann in the screening room.

We have recorded interview of students:
Ciara Donelly
Rachel McDonnell
Sean McDonnell
Ashley Dolan

We have done pan view of editing suit where Ashley and Sean were interviewed.

We also recorded test interview in dark room with first year student.

We’ve booked equipment for next Wednesday.

All of the interviews were coordinate thanks to Eamonn he was so kind to open different rooms to do interviews in above locations.

The whole group was working hard and apart of the preassigned tasks and roles they were overlapping the tasks and roles sharing their experience and knowledge to make the interviews best and day as productive as could be 🙂

My role for the day was:

  • Light work
  • Video camera operator on some of the interviews
  • Photography for panoramas

I have learn a lot in the day about:

  • adjusting the light
  • coordinating work
  • moving from place to place on safe way with theequipment
  • use of dolly for corridor film

I have also refreshed and improved my skills upon:

  • camera work
  • framing
  • settings
  • shadow killing
  • and more

IMG_0091 IMG_0090 IMG_0089 IMG_0088 IMG_0087 IMG_0086 IMG_0085 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0252


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