Diary 24/03/14

The presentations from last week went very good. There was a lot of pressure on us to get the work done but we all presented very well and the feedback we got back puts us closer to having a finished look and idea of the project. The design presentation with myself and Henry went great as we showed designs and a mockup of the websites look. This went down very well with Emma and our fellow students who were present in the room. We were told to keep doing what we are doing as our designs are getting better each week.
The Major presentation(WIP) went very good. We showed all we had done individually and the skeleton of the website half working. The technology side of the project is all done and we are confident it wont be an issue. There was not much to fix in our project. The logo needs a small change and the photography needs to be a lot sharper and the rooms need to be clean. Its straight forward enough what we have to do.
This week we will be working as a group and we are going to be recording some interviews with students and Sarah head of Creative Media. I also plan to get some ambiances recorded using the stereo NT4 mic. I will also be recording the audio for the interviews. The shooting day will be this Wednesday. I also need to work on MIDI again this Friday in the audio workshop. Until next week this is I have to do.


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