28th Jan 2014

Taking 2 sets of sample pictures for panorama:

28 pictures of a garden.

38 pictures of room.

I am testing software to creating panorama Pano2VR and Panorama Studio 2.

I have chosen these two programs as it has good recommendation on different blogs by professionals and amateurs. Supports output HTML5, Flash and Quick Time files thus are working on different platforms. The software supports of multi format files.

The Panorama Studio 2 stitches the panorama from putted sets of pictures. It creates single and multiple row panoramas. The output is not impressive there is a lot of errors and noticeable details when stitched. I did try to stitch them manually but it takes long time and I think it’s better to do it in Photoshop.

01 feb 00

Panorama just stitched in Photoshop now ready for crop and seamless joint of both sides of it fallowing of tutorial.

Pano2VR the software does not stitch the panoramas but only creates interactive tours from ready panoramas. It is highly customisable program with ability to create own maps, attaching external sound files, and create menus with own designed icons.

01 feb 01

To learn how to use the software I did watch tutorials on youtube I found the tutorials very helpful.



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