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12th supervisor meeting 10 April 2014

While editing Sarah interview we will need to consider to crop Sarah in a shot and use the rule of thirds to make it look good.

The front building pictures will be done as a pan (wide pic) and while moving it while scrolling with parallax, you’ll be able to pan down to show internal picture of it.
List of the rooms we’re making panorama for:
– dark room,
– audio lab,
– 3D room,
– Editing classroom,
– Editing suit,
– Radio suit,
– Starbucks,
– Screening room.

Slawek needs to keep working on panoramas and Adobe Edge Animate.

Alina needs to keep working on editing interviews and timetable.

Kevin was asked to contact the music student for the background music and to prepare info about course description – about the software in each room.

Henry editing interviews, final look of the page (pano, interview, what text goes into the screen, logo).

11th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 04/04/2014

When having interview we want the logo of CM on the screen.
When the project will be connected we want the audio to be the same level.
Henry updated mock ups of the website look and rollover buttons.
JJ advised to recheck alignment of it.
Main picture on the home page should be taken from side instead of the front of it as it will look more interesting.
Look of the main page will be picture of the main building with parallax scrolling with piece of text while rolling through the website.
Slawek showed to JJ panoramas of Starbucks and winter garden in process. Starbucks panorama is very complicated and taking a lot time to work on it as it have lots of lines and details in it.
We all have to upload blog regularly.
Alina started to edit Ciara interview and Pauric interview with fade in, fade out. She encountered some problems with rendering and green screen and need to do some more research how to fix it.
Henry need to carry on the web mock up with the 3 to 4 info on the main page.
Slawek have to download and research tutorial how to work in Adobe Edge Animate. Adding panning, zoom in, zoom out and pop up window to parallax.
Kevin showed some midi sounds produced and is down to work on it and tide it up.
We’re planning to do interview with Fiachra, Glenn, Eamonn,JJ and Matt.
We need to work on exhibition plan. We want to use at least one Macbook, iPad, iPhone and HD TV to show video in loop on it advertising our website. We need to have poster designed for the day of exhibition A1, logo on the centre of the booth and laptop placed in there to test the website.

Henry – mock up
Kevin – midi, audio
Alina – editing, bg music
Slawek – adobe edge animate

Group meeting 31/3/2014

We will ask for some best projects to be shown on the website by Eamonn, Glenn and JJ.
We will show few different items in the room, might be hovering over some items and showing short description of it or showing hotspots and clicking on it to get info.
Alina will ask Sean and Ashley to wear the same clothes for the next Wednesday to keep continuity while taking panorama and clicking on them to see interview.
Alina and Henry will research some background music and ask music students for sample music for our website if needed. It would be good if the music was modern and electronic.
Slawek will send to Henry logo of CM as he have it in few colours from some past project.