Exhibition Plan 16/4/2014

Exhibition plan:

Group members:
Alina Mejger
Kevin McKeever
Henry Kasozi
Slawomir Dyla

This project is to show the facilities and technologies of Creative Multimedia in DKIT College to students who are interested in studying in there. The project itself is an interactive website which is a virtual tour of the Creative Media section in DKIT Carroll’s Building. Home page starts as view of the main entrance of the Carroll’s building that the user can pan by scrolling. It was built using Parallax scrolling using Adobe Edge Animate program. All images was taken by our group then reworked and enhanced in Photoshop.
When the user click on the hotspot on the door of the Carroll’s building the view of the corridor of the Creative Media course with its hotspots will open. These hotspots are clickable and each of them is opening high standard panorama of chosen location. The user is able to move through the corridor by scrolling. Once the hotspot of the location is clicked it opens the panorama view of it where the information about each location is displayed located on interactive areas. Each of the location has its own ambience sound recorded. There are clickable hotspots in each of the location showing the best technology and equipment of Creative Media course in Carroll’s Building. There is also panorama of common area where students meet daily. There are few locations including: Filming studio, Screening room, Dark room, Radio suit, Audio Lab, Mac Lab (p1091), Editing classroom, 3D classroom, Editing suit, common area and Winter Garden.

We want to have the TV placed on the table with straight view from the entrance of the booth to let people passing the booth to see it. There will be video on loop played about the project on it.
Beside the TV on the wall will be placed poster which will inform about our website and show instructions how to go online and test it on iPhone and iPad. There will be one poster on the front of the booth as well. We will also have cardboard box beside the TV with ‘feedback forms’ beside it as we would like to hear back opinions about our project from potential users.

Equipment list:
Large TV to display (table to place it in there)
MAC monitor, keyboard (table to place it in there)
Cabling for Monitors

2x drawings of booth style space- 12ft by 8ft in Winter Garden

Top down perspective of the booth:

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 17.55.09

Side perspective of the booth:



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