DATE: 22nd May 2014
TIME: 12-12.45
PREPARED BY: Alina Mejger
ATTENDEES: Alina, Kevin, Henry, Slawek


As much as possible to be done by next week Friday the 30th of MAy
Connect the site with panorama, corridor, interview etc

Check with Peter Goesling about server space or just place the files of our project on 3 Macs we will use for the exhibition as there might be issues when it’s life.

Individual evaluation, it will be about 2-3 pages personal writing how you progressed yourself hard skills, professional skills.

Blogs have to be finished by 23rd May about what you personally learned and as a professional.
Fill in peer evaluation form.

Write individually evaluation 3 to 4 pages about personal achievements and what you learned about working in team, what have you learned technically and about yourself. Format all headings,

Pass files to Henry about graphic design, graphic animation files from JJ.
Update From JJ
Parallax scrolling works fine. Html 5 connected works ok.
Adobe Edge freezing, Slawek lost some time working on it as it can’t handle that amount of files we’re using in our project (pictures for panorama, interviews etc)

Slawek update

Henry – icons, graphics- keep them the same size or in illustrator file.
Style of text boxes is good just work on gramma of it, proof read. Text can be animated on it so no html text needed.
Use one colour through all the graphics- for example orange, blue.
Henry update
Work together, design and programming needs to be done.
Design working together, parallax with front pictures.
Finalise front page, logo and video. In interview use the colours we’re going to use in posters (orange, yellow) to keep it consistent.
Pass files to Henry about graphic design, graphic animation files from JJ. Uodate on interviews, logo of PeekDkIT and CM.
Kevin to work on course description and email to the Music student which JJ provide us with email to.
Designed posters by Henry print in A3 and arrow stickers with our logo in it by Kevin’s friend.
Kevin to work on ‘sticking panoramas’ together and Audio. Description of the rooms, locations for the panoramas etc.
Kevin to google audio and work on it.
Kevin asap
Henry to redesign logo, poster, interviews to be work on as well.
Alina work on interviews.
Slawek work on Adobe Edge, panoramas to join it together.


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