Audio Research 11/2/2014

Audio research

1.       Audio – Ambience sound for locations:

Recording Ambience In Surround

Helmut Wittek

“What is ambience? Understanding sound in three layers:
(1) Reverb, Diffuse Noise
Diffuse, location-independent, not localized, room information.
Must be de-correlated, balanced energy distribution.
(2) Early Reflections, Discrete Sounds (spread)
Discrete, location-independent, localized, but the location is arbitrary, info on position of the source in the room.
Must be correlated, balanced directional distribution.
(3) Discrete Sounds
Discrete, location-dependent, localized, source information.
Must be correlated.”

2.       Audio for website:

3.       Audio for interview. 

Tips for getting better audio while recording interview.

Using shotgun microphone

“Having clear, crisp audio tracks is essential for effective corporate videos, commercials, documentaries—and particularly critical for interview footage. Audiences are often willing to forgive small technical mistakes with video, but far less so with problematic audio”


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