Project Research 18/10/2013

18 October 2013


Interactive game map for chosen countries in Europe, city (capital) and countryside of each country.

Using Google street view still images, if the user click on Dublin he will experience ambience from Dublin, pubs, people walking and more. We will add audio to existing visuals and let the user experience how it is in each place ‘clicked’.

Our target audience will be people having access to computer and internet aged 16+, travelling agencies and people planning trips. We thought it might be good idea to use it as educational for school using interactive maps with audio but we need to specify what we really decide on that matter.

We want to let the user experience the place with joy and fun and introduce each country as best as we can. We want to welcome the user on each site using local accents (or local languages) also we will introduce some humorous facts about each place visited.

We are deciding on the roles for each member at this stage.

Group Pinterest:


We’ve discussed the idea of using the Google map for our group project with  our lecturer Matt Green as he like the idea of producing audio and ambience for our project. We might change the idea of using Google map for for animation and still images as it may be too complicated to achieve what we’ve planned. We will need to discuss it on our next meeting.


After today’s lecture with Glenn, Fiachra and Emma we thought that we leave the unity console idea for now and research once again the Interactive maps, similar projects and then decide which way to achieve the best result and what software to use.


  • very interesting website about Ireland

“Discover the diversity of nature in Dublin, how it is researched, managed and enjoyed by Dubliners and visitors alike.”

You can click on the map and there’s an option to listen the audio for it but the screen goes black and you can see the mp3 player on it and hear the screen.

  • some Ireland audio tours:

  • some audio guides:

Audio walking tours for Europe

More research:

360 VR Spherical Images of Alberta’s Icons


“AirPano is a non-commercial project focused on high resolution 3D aerial panoramas. The AirPano team is a group of Russian photographers and panorama enthusiasts. During the next 2-3 years, we plan to shoot a variety of aerial panoramas and create virtual 3D tours of the most interesting places of our planet.”


Interesting application for DkIT how to get from room to room within the building:


Learn to create interactive map interfaces that allow a user to interact with specific areas of your graphics or photos. Graphic changes can take place for those specific areas by establishing a second state. We also discuss how to make it ready for a dynamic PHP MySQL system on the web.

strange sounds recorded on earth. Some research to be done for audio.

idea of giving the user the local ‘look and feel’ for example when you visit France in this case, french music etc

commenatory of game,
use ofe maps, clickable hot spots, audio

This is an instructional video for Interactive Music Room Book 1, interesting interaction might be included.

Interactive sound propagation using compact acoustic transfer

Interesting sound recorded
sites for students, about student


interesting site for students looking for accommodation,

as our target audience is students we can add some links related to their search for accommodation as well.

Very creative wall installation.

Virtual Tour of Oxford


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