10th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 27/03/2014

When doing the interview we should edit the questions or leave them out. We made cut it and fade it out while editing it.

We need to ask Sean, Ashley for wearing the same clothes next Wednesday to keep it continuity when making panorama of the editing suit.

We need to make some research when editing how to make it blurred ad getting back to the next screen nicely.

While making a corridor video we need to have some person walking on it. Next while clicking on him/her the interview will open.

We will have some person interviewed in Starbucks. We need to do this in busy time of the day when there is lots of students around, around 12 o’clock. ‘This is the dark room, the general aspect of it is… etc’

Person stay still while taking panorama in class working on computers. When panning around the user will be able to click on some equipment in the room. For example in the darkroom you will be able to click on the bottle of liquid and it will say that this will help you to develop the pictures etc. We will pick few items in few different locations.

In every room we will visit we will show some 5 best projects of the subjects in it.

video of corridor need to be the straight line and we have to lock the wheel in the dolly to make it able to make it straight. We may bring a level up a bit and use warm filter while editing to make it look natural (Slawek).

We need to ask music students for the background music if anyone can produce something really discrete and ‘soft’ that we can use in our project. Music in the background while clicking on the interview hotspots will fade out and then interview will play.

Research some background music.

Design it for computer and Mac primarily then for the ipad, tablet and maybe mobile.

Henry to make to use Creative Media logo on the main page.He will research 2-3 good websites and basically make a web looking good and make it similar to the good ones. He will make a Mock up for the websites: when entering into 3D room it will show the info that ‘this is the 3D room , normally…’ this is what it look…’ ‘this is what we’ll be looking at’ etc.

Slawek to work in Adobe. To find the logo of Creative Media and give it to Henry. Photography and panorama to be produced.  360 panorama of Editing Suit with Sean and Ashley dressed the same as last Wednesday to keep continuity.

Kevin to record ambience. Editing of interview to check how it will work. (if any troubles there’re good tutorials online to check)

Alina do some research, ambience and meetings. Info of the rooms- what is it for? What is the editing suit for? dark room, what is it for, explain developing photography etc. Editing of interview to check how it will work. (if any troubles there’re good tutorials online to check). Timetable of the new things to be done.










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