6th GROUP MEETING with supervisor 28/02/2014

Henry to do some more research. (to check Webawards/rework the logo looking at aesthetics) To design some simple icons check ‘enhance’, FWA magazines, Behance, Pinterest to research more icons and fonts.

Each of the member need to bring own work every week.

We might ask some music students to make some ambience music.

We will record some sounds for website icons on next Friday at Matt class where the equipment is available. We will work to make discrete sounds, we might use some filters to make them sound discrete.

Kevin and Alina to bring a sample of Audio for next meeting.

Slawek to produce images for front of the building and some locations in DkIT.

Kevin to set up the documents where the text is going to go in the posters, research some posters, it may be photo based.

We discussed parallax scrolling which Slawek researched before and show ‘life of PI’ website with great example of parallax scrolling. Images will be used in  background of our website.

We might consider to  find a ‘clever way’ of putting text on a website, we have seen nice example of text layed down and shaped onto the wall  and ‘mess around the images and graphics.

Kevin to research and make some poster and business cards for our project.

Alina will prepare minutes of meetings, agendas, remind group about blog updates. Also the Gantt chart to be fixed by moving dates. Also some audio examples to be prepared.

Slawek will work on fluid grid of the website then when frame of website will be finished Henry will be able to add some graphics, icons and design to it.

Programming and look and feel  will be worked by Slawek and Henry.


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