Audio Diary 03/03/14

Last week wasn’t too busy as we had just handed in our script so we didn’t know our next move. In last weeks workshops we got given jobs to do. As I am secondary designer I will be helping Henry with the graphics. We messed around with business cards and a poster so we could show our supervisor on Friday when the next meeting was planned. The Audio workshop of Friday myself and Alina recorded a few areas using the zoom recorder to get a feel of what we will be working with. We recorded the classroom we where in, Starbucks and the Winter gardens. Each had different noises going on with different sound contrasts. The classroom was slightly noisy full of talk of projects and work. The Starbucks area was very busy and full of people and not much conversation could be picked out over the noise of tables and chairs moving and the multiple people talking. The Winter gardens was quite the opposite and was quiet and open with echo’s. The sound of footsteps on the wooden floor and whistling of a passer by was quite interesting compared to the other active spaces. We played these sounds to both Matt and our supervisor JJ and they where happy on what we had. I will change the microphone to the stereo NT4 as it will record the ambiances better. We have to now start planning when we are going to start recording the areas required because the sooner we have the audio the better.

The meeting with our supervisor went well. I was given a job to split the work up with Henry and design my own poster and set up the designs for when the font and images will be ready. We can discuss this next Tuesday in the design workshop.


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