Group meeting 19/02/2014

We disscussed as a group ho the storyboards will look and to keep them consistent. Slawek was given task to make a storyboard for 360 pan view of chosen locations of the DkIT Carroll’s building. Henry was assigned to do storyboards for the website flow. Alina was assigned to sketch sample of storyboards for interview.

Kevin was assigned to finish Audio script and to extend description of the project.


  1. Table of content to be updated(rework when the script is updated by other members)
  2. Expand Project Manager guidelines
  3. Gantt chart to be reworked ( more individual tasks for the Gantt chart)
  4. Meetings- expand paragraph about the purpose of the meetings
  5. Shooting script to be reworked
  6. Short description of departments for the website.


  1. Target audience to be extended
  2. One way example of navigation from main site
  3. Storyboard of website
  4. Update design research by adding some more text between images
  5. General look of the website
  6. Menu icons research


  1. Brief description to be extended
  2. Audio script to be extended
  3. Synopsis to be extended
  4. Aims and Objectives of the project to be reworked


  1. Site map to be reworked
  2. Technology testing and explanation
  3. Platform testing and explanation
  4. Storyboard of 360 panorama view locations
  5. Images for the storyboard to be taken
  6. Sample 360 view to be presented

Tasks for the Gantt chart to be updated:

Alina – paper work, minuts/agendas, updates, audio recordings

Henry – website ‘main look and feel’, design icons, content, logo

Kevin – Audio recordings, Audio editing, recording interviews

Slawek – images, 360 pan view,  programming


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