Graphic Design Research and development

I have the role to design the feel of the website and to achieve this i had to first look at what age group we are targeting.

This web application is to market DKIT college to students who are looking to join this institute and this applies to first year students who are between the age group,16-24 and mature students who range from 25 and above.

I did put more emphasis on the teens age group because they’re the majority of the student population although i am still putting the mature students into consideration.

i researched what teenage students are most interested in and my research brought back the following results

  • Technology
  • Sport
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Networking
  • Fun and games

This research helps us build the website and knowing what areas we are to put most emphasis on.

I went ahead to look at different websites that have similar virtual panoramic views like our project and this was to help me know how we can learn from their strengths and improve on their weaknesses in order to achieve an excellent and effective website.

I more so looked at top teen websites to gather what information and how its displayed not forgetting what colour schemes appeal to this age group.
These websites have a lot in common from the playful set up, clean look, lots of imagery , warm colours, rounded and bouncy fonts, one page content, and simplicity.

Designing for teens website









B5 B4 B3 B2 B6 B1


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