2nd GROUP MEETING with supervisor

30/1/14 at 11:00-12:29

Present: Kevin, Henry

1- every group member has to go to 2 group meetings
2-make sure you list all roles and every member has to have at least 2 roles
3- task analysis-sub tasks-divide into teams
4-Meet face to face 3 times a week
5- change the group name to a descriptive one
6-we have to have the aims, objectives, synopsis (2 sentence explanation) by next week next meeting with JJ
7-we eliminate the term Erasmus and make it a marketing web app for DKIT
8- investigate technology to be used
9-research what platform is easier to work on
10-show 2-3 technologies next week and show the pros and cons
11-clear description of our target audience (age group/ 1st years ,what else they’re interested in)
12- interesting things that people may what to know about the college eg societies
13- show 3/4 things next week of how software will work and the feel that’s websites that are similar and widen search not only looking at colleges but museums ,art galleries etc
14-rough idea of navigation structure and elements that make it up
15- investigate roles

influences depending on target audience
Mood board (logos,websites,styles)
Top 10 websites for age group 10-18
Top ten brands for age group( clothes,music)
Look at DCU and other colleges with same app


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