This is our third year final project and the idea i had in mind was to create  an interactive map that lets you visit places and experience cultures, sounds, and life of the people in that particular area without even going there.

I did research for this kind of project and i did find a lot of interesting articles that helped me even develop the idea more precisely and i shared a lot of of ma ideas on pinterst (http://www.pinterest.com/henkaso/).

I was struggling though of how i was going to develop the wide idea i had in ma mind. I knew what i needed to achieve but i wasn’t even being able to explain it in simple terms.

We grouped up with Slawek, Alina, Kevin and me and we started to brain storm how and what is going to be achieved.

The idea took a different spin as we all decided to look at different projects that have a similar feel. when we held the next meeting, we decided in brief terms what we are going to work on and with everyone in the group deciding that we will create an interactive map with a google feel which will let you visit a place and you can actually  walk around the place and hear sounds from the area.The way we where going to achieve this was we where going to use google maps as our canvas and on top of that add image that have been created through 3D max.

We didn’t want to be so convinced  that this was our final project idea without consulting one of our lectures for ideas. I had a chat with mat who i explained to what the plan was and what we expect to achieve. he was a little confused with the project but he did offer us ideas of how and what we should.

We held another meeting to discus whether we need to change the whole project plan or we need to research further . My role for this group was research and i wanted to gather as much information as i could and i did that without fail. i looked to see whether any applications of this sort have been created before using the programmes we are being taught in school and i did hit many hurdles because a few of them where coming up but they where not related to the programs we are used to and that meant, if we where to venture into something new, we had to have enough time to educate our selves.

I came across a website that had achieved something like we where looking for. We wanted to  have sound, video, and scrollable images in the same format as google maps. having wandered onto this example , i was so happy that i had actually come across something of the same style and feel and couldn’t wait to share it my


Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 21.29.37

When we held a meeting the next day, i showed them what i had found and from there we just started wandering in a field of ideas and we all decided this is something we would like to do and we where going to limit our are to dundalk town and we just started researching who the target audience would be and this would determine hat to include in our map.

At this moment we decided to use our roles to research about whats needed for each individuals role and i was the researcher and the graphic designer so i merged the two things together to look for what feel the application would offer once its being used .

We approached, and we asked him to help us widen our thoughts. he told us to look at the Aspen movie map which was created even before google maps and we also asked him to offer us ideas about what software we might use better in developing this app. He told us flash would be good, but since we wanted it to be cross platform, then we had to forget about flash and he said the best software would be processing and that we should consider talking to Matt.

We met up with Matt and showed him what we aimed to produce and he offered us very wise ideas and encouraged us even more knowing that the software we use in class can actually achieve it.

we decided to see how long and how comfortable we are in making it. We decided to make a small panoramic shot of the winter garden and when we worked with it in flash, it was responding very well and we where now more than comfortable to get on with the project.

I developed wire frames of how we wanted the game to look like and how the pages will be viewed as .

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 22.30.02Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 22.30.11

I also made the design of the website template, and this is just a rough interpretation what we think it will look like and further development will appear the further we go

We held final meeting before our first presentation and we where very confident that we where on the right track but for mr individually, enjoyed the presentation because i had done so much work in researching and so did everyone else in my group and the build up to this day was well planned and well documented.

We did take on the feed back pretty well although i individually felt like i didn’t want to break down the project because i though not only will it be a good product for the town but as third year students who are getting ready for the industry, this would be a good test of whys ahead of us and its not in the failing but in the trying and learning from the mistakes made.

We organised other meetings and we decided to narrow down the idea to just one single location which will be the Dkit college campus.

our target audience, changed a little bit and so did the project but we where still on the foundation of the previous project only thing that was changing was the location.

I, with the rest of the group knew if it was for college, we where targeting people who where interested in joint, parents to the students.

we decided before we can even start anything, we needed to find out why a foreign student wants and what hardships they face, we went to the erasmus office and we got some information we need and we did interview a few erasmus students and we will be interviewing more along the way.

we followed the same approach as our first project and everyone gathered the information they needed for the presentation and i like i did before drew out a template just to give the audience a visual look of why we are having in mind

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 22.28.36 Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 22.28.57

The presentation was another blow to me as i am becoming totally drained with the amount of work i am putting into this project but  i feel like we are not selling the idea very well and thats why its sounding like its out of our limits to achieve.

We decided to take word of what we received from the panel and we are to narrow it even further more to just one faculty which is carols building. and we are looking forward to our next meeting.


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